A Quick Stop at Birreria!

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As I have already expressed my total adoration of all things Eataly in the past, there’s not much more I can add to my impression of BIRRERIA (map!) other than it lives up to the Eataly standard.

Located on the rooftop of this great food palace, it is definitely worth a try, even if only for the ambiance. Not so much a “beer garden” as a “big lovely space where good beer and food is served,” I found the place comfortable and spacious, with excellent views and refreshing air circulation (proper air circulation is very important!). On a weekend afternoon, it is a good place to relax a bit with friends.

The elevator entrance is appropriately tucked near the beer section on the ground floor, where a hostess greeted us. Following knowledge gleaned from the internet and its masses, we asked for a table rather than just standing at the bar, which would supposedly lead to a shorter wait time. Bingo! We went up almost immediately.

Humor in the elevator.

When we got upstairs, there was a bit of minor confusion with the upstairs hostesses (how many hostesses does this place need?), who were still trying to figure out how to use their new iPad seating chart program. I thought the fancy technology was a little unnecessary, but after a short delay, we finally made it in to the “big room”.

It’s definitely a well-designed space, full of beery love. We settled in and ordered some drinks and nibbles:

Eataly India Brown Ale (brewed with maple syrup!) on the left, Dogfish Head Festina Peche (berliner weisse with peaches) on the right. Yum!

3 cheese: Ricotta Fresca, Piave, Tallegio. With honey for dipping!


There were other appetizing things on the menu, but we could only stay for a brief while. Having recently looked at the drink menu, it appears the beer selection is constantly rotating, so we look forward to returning and trying something new!

Oh, and the gelato downstairs. Gotta go back for that too.


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