Bosie Tea Parlor: My Introduction To The Ispahan Macaron

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This is going to be a short post, as I want to focus on one particular item of yum: the ispahan macaron. Created by famed French pastry chef Pierre Hermé, it is a macaron made with raspberry, rose, and lychee. I was lucky enough to try one at BOSIE TEA PARLOR (map!) the other day, and it was as delicious as it was beautiful:

Almost too pretty to eat....almost.

I’ve been a lover of macarons for a long time, but have never had one this fancy. The little pieces of lychee hidden inside were delightfully surprising. (And look at that dewdrop on the rose petal!) This one here was made by Damien Herrgott, who actually worked at Pierre Hermé Boutique in Paris, so it’s quite authentic.

If you’re ever in the West Village and want to cool your heels a bit and nibble on a treat, give this place a try. It’s cute, quiet, and has a nice tea selection as well.


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