Woofs of Approval at Bark Hot Dogs!

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Bow wow wow wow wow wow! BARK Hot Dogs (map!) is good!

Ridiculously convenient for those trekking by subway.

It was a lovely spring evening and I wanted a good hot dog. Maybe it was memories of Iceland kicking in, or maybe it was just the terrific weather, but either way, I was on a mission and Bark quickly came to mind. You may remember from earlier that DH and I happened to spot the Hodgman at this establishment. I had vowed to return to the neighborhood and give this place a try. Perfect opportunity!

Bark’s menu was great, I wanted to try everything. We settled on the “NYC Dog” (sweet & sour onions with mustard, $5), the “Pickle Dog” (house pickles, mustard + mayo, $5.75), and a side of Disco Fries ($5.50). For drinks, “Sehr Crisp Pilsner” and “Righteous Rye” beers from Six Point Craft Ales ($6 each):

Ahh, lovely.

Behold, what you have been craving all day!

Everything disappeared way too fast. A perfect, flavorful meal that was just what I wanted.

Some may say that a hot dog does not need to be $5+, but I thought it was absolutely worth it. You get some nice comfort food with a twist in a well-maintained and comfortable setting (as opposed to the street corner next to a vendor cart), and the location is super-handy for public transportation. Seems quite economical to me. I just want to rub this shop’s stomach and say “good boy!”

Bye-bye, Bark! I'll be back to try the rest of your menu soooooon!


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