Brunchtime at Northern Spy Food Co.

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I went to NORTHERN SPY FOOD CO. (map!) recently for dinner and had a great time, so when I was thinking about a good brunch place to catch up with a dear friend, this restaurant easily came to mind.

There was a little wait for a table, but not too bad. In the daytime light, I got a good look at the decor inside, which is a charming space of light blues and wood (even the bathroom is cute!). I guess the best description I can come up with is seaside country cabin. The restaurant is known for being a good quality yet inexpensive place to get local, sustainable-ingredient food. I really like the menu, full of interesting little dishes and treats that aren’t often seen at other restaurants. The tables are spaced close together, so the best way to figure out what to eat is to take a look at the person next to you (“oooh, what’s that you’re having?”).

First, our drinks:

Blood-orange seltzer and Sparkling sangria

The seltzers here are really tasty, and there is a nice selection of flavors. The sangria was a crisp accompaniment to my meal, and I ordered it because the girl sitting at the next table had one and seemed to be enjoying it.

Moving onward, my friend’s dish:

Cayuga polenta and eggs

I love the polenta at this place. It is so rare to see good polenta on a menu. Sure, it’s probably chock full of butter, but the taste is amazing.

And then the kale salad, which seems to be something of a specialty here:

Kale salad with Shelburne cheddar, winter squash, almonds, pecorino, and two baked eggs

One would think that this dish wouldn’t be very filling, but I thought it was super-hearty and super-delicious! The greens were very fresh, and I loved having it with eggs. Let’s get another look at that veg:

Aww yeah, up-close KALE ACTION.

If you need a reliable spot for a good meal with a good friend, I recommend this place. It’s solid.


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