A pleasant evening at Edi & The Wolf

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Avenue C is still a little bit of the wild frontier in Manhattan, but I have no problem trekking farther east when there is something good waiting for me. It took a little while to get to the eating at EDI & THE WOLF (map!), but the whole experience was a pleasant one and totally worth the wait. The things we do for some good Austrian food.

On the night of our visit, it was again blisteringly cold, and we were trying to find our bearings around 7th street. The restaurant was unmarked and could have easily been missed, but I took one look at the planks-of-wood exterior à la cabin in the forest and knew it was the place.

We peeked beyond the heavy curtain past the front door and was immediately hit with the buzz of activity inside. The interior had a warm and rustic feel, with lots of wood, metal, and rope elements. This place was totally hopping, and filled with a nice mix of stylish young people and older patrons who knew where to find a good meal.

Beyond the grate, a table set for a party of fancy coolkids.

There happened to be a large number of big parties that evening, so that meant poor couples like us had to wait awhile until the hoard cleared out. Our hostess was very nice, though, and kept us posted on the status while we waited and partook of some of the establishment’s fine fine suds in the bar area.

For our waiting, we got a round on the house!

Finally, a party left and we got not only a table, but practically a quarter of the restaurant to ourselves (it was a very large party). Our clever hostess had taken our appetizer orders a little while earlier so the food arrived almost as soon as we sat down. Hooray!

We weren’t too crazy about the landjäger (dried cured Austrian sausage…good flavor, but a tad Slim-Jimmy), but oh boy, the baby back ribs with honey, beer, mustard, and pickles were amazing!

You must eat them with your hands. It's the law.

And what would an Austrian meal be without wiener schnitzel? It was delicious:

Delicious baby cow...mmm mmm

We rounded everything out with a chocolate hazelnut crepe and a well-made espresso. Our waitress was cheerful and attentive and we felt like we were well taken care of amidst the bustling atmosphere. I hope we can go back again soon, preferably on a less busy evening.

So if you ever find yourself hanging around Alphabet City and want a little taste of Austria, I suggest giving this place a try.


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