Ikiru: To Live

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After months of languishing on the Netflix instant queue, Ikiru finally made its way to the front of the line. It made a big impression on me, so I wanted to highlight it here.

Made in 1952, Ikiru is one of Akira Kurosawa‘s best films. It doesn’t have any samurai or swordfights, but I was totally riveted. In short, it’s a story of a lifelong bureaucrat who discovers he will die soon, but also realizes that he has done nothing worthwhile in his entire life. Given this, he sets out to do what he can in the little time he has left. The trailer above gives a good overview of the story, but you still have to watch the movie itself to get the most out of it.

The message to me is clear: life is short, so make it a meaningful one.

There are so many truths and realities in this movie, and I think almost everyone can relate to it. If you have a couple of hours on a quiet evening, give this film a try. Takashi Shimura does a great job as the protagonist, and it’s a fascinating look at the scenes and styles of post-war Tokyo.


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