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I kept hearing good things about PIES ‘N’ THIGHS (map!) and passed by it last time on the way to Dram, so it was time to try the place out.

Comforted only by thoughts of the delicious food that awaited, one of my fav restaurant buddies and I braved our way through ridiculously cold temperatures while walking from the Bedford Ave subway stop. It was dark and everything was slicked with ice, but when we saw the soft glow of the restaurant we knew all would be well soon enough.

Welcome, weary travelers. What manner of fried deliciousness shall you be having tonight?

Lucky for us, party of 2, there was no wait for a table! Thank goodness, since I was just about to drop after having endured the arctic expedition immediately before. As soon as I sat down and took one quick look around at all the happy people chowing down, I only had one thought on my mind: OMG FRIED CHICKEN. NEED FRIED CHICKEN NOW.


I chose the side of macaroni and cheese with hot sauce, figuring I’d go for the gold since we weren’t pretending to be eating healthy anyway. It seems like such an obvious and simple combo, but I had never thought about how complementary adding hot sauce to this classic comfort food could be. A new and tasty discovery was made that night.

And the chicken. Oh boy, the chicken. How do they cook it to make the meat so moist and tender yet with such crispy skin? There must be chicken wizards in the kitchen or something. The biscuit, soft and fluffy on the inside (and not too buttery/greasy!) rounded out the plate very well and was good for dipping into the mac and cheese.

My friend got the Carolina pulled pork sandwich plus hush puppies, which looked mighty tempting as well. Basically, the whole restaurant was a delicious-smelling den of different tasty meats and gastronomical joy. I kind of wanted to try the whole menu. The best we could do after our very filling main dishes, though, was to share a choice slice of banana cream pie, which did not disappoint.

Pie pie pie pie pie

And did I mention the sweet tea? If you visit, get the sweet tea. Sweet, but not too sweet. The caffeine will keep you up late, but it’s worth drinking if you don’t have to get up early the next morning.

Overall, I have nothing against The Colonel, but the chicken I had at Pies ‘N’ Thighs was definitely something special. Honestly, in all my eagerness, I think I almost ate it too fast to enjoy everything properly. Solution: must go again.


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