一, 二, 三, band review! (#2)

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I have to credit watching “The September Issue” with introducing me to such a great number of indie bands/singers. Three favorites from that movie on my playlist now:


The wiki gods have described the music of Jim Noir (aka Alan Roberts) as “psychedelic pop electronica”, which I think is accurate, but it’s not intimidating at all. This is the kind of music that goes down as easily as the Beatles or The Who. His song “Don’t You Worry” is pretty much self-explanatory. I always feel more relaxed after listening to it, and I think all of his songs have a comfortable easy-to-listen vibe that is good if you want to get a calming experience.


This Danish alt-pop band creates toe-tappers. The lead singer’s voice is definitely something special, and the music makes you want to run around with your good friends getting stuff done and doing fun things. Check out the music video for “Around the Bend”! It’s what would happen if the Blondie “Heart of Glass” video got mashed up with Tron and a whole bunch more jumping around.


Oh man, why are they on hiatus? I get such positive feelings from listening to this British all-girl rock group. Their songs, especially “At Sea”, are just great. I can hear the skillful composing and there’s an almost haunting quality about them amidst the peppy. I’m a little sad I didn’t find out about this band earlier. Definitely give Electrelane a listen and hope that they get back together soon.


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