Get your cheap noms on at Sushi Lounge

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I always feel like sushi is overpriced. Unless it’s some super-fresh, high-caliber stuff pulled from the ocean this morning, it seems silly to pay as much as we usually do for some standard maki. The local sushi joint should not be charging $6 for California rolls.

Maybe I’m just cheap.

Given that, the best place for me to get sushi is Sushi Lounge (map!) in the East Village, where you can get all this for just about $30:

On this occasion, we were a party of three and stuffed our faces to great satisfaction. I personally do not eat raw sushi about 98% of the time, but this place has tons of cooked/veggie options to make anyone happy. We got the Futomaki, eel roll, white yam roll, California roll, oshinko roll, shrimp and avocado roll, kanpyo gourd roll, and omelete. Yum!

Here’s the gimmick: everything is 50% off the sushi menu, all the time. I don’t know why they don’t just lower the prices altogether, but I’m not complaining. You need to order at least $16 worth of sushi per person before the discount, but that just means that there’s an $8 minimum per person. And $16 worth of sushi from an already inexpensive menu covers a lot of sushi. It’s a cheap person’s dream, really, and the food is very tasty!

I haven’t tried their hot dishes (ramen, udon, soba, curry rice, katsu don, etc.), which aren’t discounted but still very reasonably priced. One day I will. Meanwhile, if I want sushi, this is my place to go.


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