6 Hungry People at The Modern

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And to think, I almost missed the opportunity to eat here because I pulled an all-nighter the previous evening. I am so glad I chose the additional sleep deprivation! Staying up a few more hours was totally worth it when the time was spent chowing on some of the most delicious and decadent dishes ever at The Modern (map!).

I’m already a huge fan of Shake Shack and Maialino, other Danny Meyer establishments, so I knew I was in for something good. Our party of 6 sat in the Bar Room of The Modern, a more casual, loungey section of the restaurant (the other section is a formal dining room):

We then proceeded to eat our way through most of the menu. It was great to have a group, as everyone ordered something different so we were able to sample lots of dishes. The menu is separated into lists of dishes categorized as “One”, “Two”, and “Three”. One and Two are appetizer-sized portions while Three is half-entree portions. Everyone ordered either two or three selections, each from a separate list.

There ended up being a sinfully large number of dishes (not to mention that we totally had the hook-up, so a few extras were steered to our table as well, yay!), all of which were devoured wholeheartedly. Here are some of my favorites:

My order: Grilled Diver Scallops with roasted beets, Swiss chard and hazelnuts

Scallop carpaccio with sea urchin; Tarte Flambée with crème fraîche, onion and applewood smoked bacon; and the best liverwurst in the universe

My order: omg pork belly!

Grilled Monkfish Medallions with shaved pumpkin salad and pistachio pistou

Aaaaand there was dessert:

Clockwise from left: Modern Cheesecake with almond crumble and mango passion sorbet, Citrus Carpacio with lemongrass gelée and green apple basil sorbet, Dark Chocolate Tart with chocolate ice cream, and Hazelnut Dacquoise with milk chocolate Chantilly (which tasted like the god of Ferrero Rocher, seriously).

Cocktails were mixed somewhere in there too. So yeah, we all pretty much rolled out of that restaurant feelin’ fat and sassy.

The Modern’s Bar Room is great for a special occasion, such as when friends come from all the way across the country to visit (as was the case here). If you go, definitely go with a group. There are so many amazing dishes that it would be a shame not to try more through sharing. The service is excellent and the noise level is low enough for good, non-screamy conversation. What more can I say? Looks like Danny Meyer has scored another win in my book.


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