一, 二, 三, band review! (#1)

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Three bands on my playlist now (links lead to music!):

(1) Cults

There’s just 5 songs available by this band at the moment that I could find (“Go Outside”, “The Curse”, “Most Wanted”, “Oh My God”, and an untitled new song from just a couple of months ago – video here). Google reveals that they are a brother-sister band based in New York. I’m really looking forward to their debut album.

Fav song is “Oh My God”. Have a listen and enjoy.

(live version here)

(2) The Drums

This is totally a band for nostalgic moments. They remind me a lot of Polaris (remember Pete & Pete?) and it doesn’t hurt that they have the mid-century teen dream look totally down. Their music videos are so artfully retro too, love it!

Favs: “Forever and Ever Amen” and “Down By The Water”

How is this not awesome?

(3) Dum Dum Girls

I’m kind of on a lo-fi girl band kick at the moment, and Dum Dum Girls is at the top of my list. When winter is cold and things look dreary, listening to “Jail La La” totally makes me feel like I’m riding a Dutch bicycle in summer. Give it a try.


And I know I’m breaking my 3-band structure on the first post, but are you listening to La Roux yet? I first learned of their song “In For the Kill” from an episode of BBC Two’s NMtB months ago, but I think the duo is finally blowing up airwaves in the U.S. (now Kanye’s all over the remix, ehhh). If by some chance you haven’t heard any La Roux tunes, it’s time to get introduced.


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